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Play Orli Shaham and Bruce Adolphe interview with Rachel Katz on WWFM
Play Orli Shaham interview on ARD German Radio
Play Orli Shaham on WQXR's Conducting Business Podcast
Play Orli Shaham on "Northwest Previews"
Orli Shaham is interviewed on Portland All Classical's "Northwest Previews." She previews her May/June 2014 concerts with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.
Play Orli Shaham on KUSC Arts Alive
Orli Shaham talks about her newest CD 'American Grace' on Arts Alive.
Play Festival Showcase - August 6th, 2013
Musical collaborators as well as husband and wife, conductor David Robertson and pianist Orli Shaham preview their separate performances this weekend at the Aspen Music Festival and School. For more about Festival Showcase:
Play Orli Shaham interviewed by James Wellborn on WRR
Pianist performs in Dallas on April 18
Play 2012 Aspen Festival Showcase
Pianist Orli Shaham previews the 50th anniversary Aspen Center for Physics concert
Play How Well Does Orli Know the Chopin f Minor Concerto?
Orli's fingers do the walking...all by themselves!
Play Classic 99: St. Louis Symphony Broadcast - intermission feature
Orli performed Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 20 with the St. Louis Symphony. In an interview broadcast during intermission on KFUO-FM (www.classic99), Orli tells host Jim Connett about the six men in her life and how she satisfies her continuing curiosity about music and musicians.
Play Interview: Orli speaks with WXXI's Julia Figueras [Part I]
While in Rochester to perform a Mozart concerto with the Rochester Philharmonic, Orli visited the WXXI studios. She spoke with Julia Figueras about Mozart, chamber music, her musical twins, and why memorization isn't the be all and end all of performance. [Part I]
Play Interview: Orli speaks with WXXI's Julia Figueras [Part II]
Play On Choosing a Piano for the Charlotte Symphony
In December, the pianist Orli Shaham was asked to help the Charlotte Symphony choose a new piano to be used in a new concert hall, the Knight Theater in Charlotte, North Carolina, part of the Blumenthal Performing Art Center. Orli travelled to the Steinway & Sons factory showroom in Astoria, Queens where officials from the Charlotte Symphony and the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center were waiting to hear her test five Steinway "D" grand pianos and give her expert assessment. Orli has chosen pianos for symphony orchestras in the past, but it's always been for a concert hall that she knew. The Knight Theater, though, is a brand-new hall, and in an interview with Gail Wein, Orli explains how that poses a special challenge.
Play Curating a Chamber Music Series
In 2008, Orli Shaham was engaged by the Pacific Symphony in Costa Mesa, California, to be the curator of their chamber music series, Café Ludwig. At a museum, the curator is the person who selects the art, builds and organizes it into comprehensive collections, and determines the best configuration for a particular show. So, how does this translate to curating a chamber music series? Orli fills us in.
Play Interview: Music for Two Pianos with Jon Kimura Parker
It all started with Mozart. His concerto in Eb K. 365 calls for two pianos as soloists. Seattle Symphony and conductor Gerard Schwartz had programmed it, and needed to find a suitable pair of pianists. He came up with two of his favorites, Jon Kimura Parker and Orli Shaham. Happily, Parker and Shaham turned out to be excellent performance partners. Since the two graceful though enormous grand pianos face each other on stage, the pianists sit pretty far apart. They can see each other's eyes, but not their hands, which makes the entire endeavor quite tricky to coordinate. That was the first time that Orli and Jackie (as everyone calls Jon Kimura) played together, but it won't be the last. The Seattle concert was a colossal success, and both Orli and Jackie were so energized by the experience, they are launching a duo recital project next season. Gail Wein met up with Orli to dig deeper into the delights and perils of performing with another pianist.
Play Interview: A Beethoven Grand Slam
Last season, the pianist Orli Shaham decided to go for a Grand Slam. Her intended feat, in this case, would be to perform all of the Beethoven Piano Concertos within a single season. There are five of them, and for Orli, just one remained elusive, the Concerto Number Five, the venerable Emperor. Orli gets bonus points for throwing in a related piece of music - Beethoven's Triple Concerto - a piece for violin, cello, piano and orchestra. We'll find out about Orli's fascination with the Beethoven Piano Concertos, in this conversation with Gail Wein.


Pianist Orli Shaham talks with the composer Avner Dorman about his work "After Brahms". Ms. Shaham recorded the work on her recent CD, "Brahms Inspired". Orli Shaham performs "After Brahms" in concert on Oct. 2, 2016 on Pacific Symphony's Cafe Ludwig series.
Orli and Gil Shaham collaborate on "Ginastera: One Hundred" CD, a centennial tribute to the 20th-century Argentine composer Alberto Ginastera.
The making of 'Stumble to Grace' from Orli Shaham's new CD 'American Grace'(Canary Classics CC11)
The making of 'Hallelujah Junction' from Orli Shaham's new CD 'American Grace'(Canary Classics CC11)
Orli Shaham performs at the Green Space in New York City
Orli Shaham is Artistic Director of a brand new series of classical concerts for children
Orli discusses Rhapsody in Blue on St. Louis Symphony video blog. Rehearsal footage included!
Orli Shaham talks about her recital program: Brahms, Debussy, Ravel and Scriabin (full-length version)
Orli Shaham talks about her recital program: Brahms, Debussy, Ravel and Scriabin (short version)
Look for Orli Shaham's cameo appearance around 1:25 in this hilarious promotional video for her brother Gil's new CD. Visit the Canary Classics website to buy Sarasate: Virtuoso Violin Works featuring Gil Shaham:
Orli Shaham takes us on a tour of Brahms Sonata in F minor
Orli Shaham walks through Debussy's Childrens Corner
Orli Shaham talks about Ravel Sonatine, and demonstrates at the keyboard
Orli Shaham talks about and demonstrates Scriabin Piano Sonata
Orli Shaham at Music@Menlo: Orli looks at the life of the young Felix Mendelssohn in the serene environs of the Music@Menlo Festival in California
September 24th, 2009 | Author: Zach Carstensen: Tonight the Seattle Symphony begins their subscription season with the piano pyrotechnics of Orli Shaham and Jon Kimura Parker. Parker and Shaham are accomplished pianists in their own right, but the Seattle Symphony has both of them this week as they play Mozart's Concerto for Two Pianos in E-flat major. It is the first time the two have played together in the same concert, but you wouldn't know it by watching the two talk. If their easy demeanor and rapport carry over into tonight's performance the audience should be in for a treat. Source: The Gathering Note
Eugenia Zukerman and Orli Shaham talk music and food at the Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival.