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What is the appropriate age for kids to start attending grown-up concerts? And how do you prepare them for the experience?

In this podcast, we get three views, from Orli Shaham, a pianist, mother of twins and artistic director of Baby Got Bach, a concert series intended for kids ages 3 to 6; Sedgwick Clark the editor of Musical America and a steadfast concert-goer around New York; and Susan Fox, a founder and publisher of the online forum Park Slope Parents.

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Elegant performances of some of the favorite chamber music repertoire for French horn. The chamber music repertoire for horn may not be vast, but it can boast of exceptional works that employ the instrument in myriad intriguing ways as so elegantly demonstrated by Richard King on this recording. King, principal horn of the Cleveland Orchestra... See More...
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The making of 'Hallelujah Junction' from Orli Shaham's new CD 'American Grace'(Canary Classics CC11)