A Concerto Is Born
Not long after the pianist Orli Shaham met composer Steve Mackey (pictured on right), she asked him to write a new work for her. And hence, A Concerto Is Born. The St. Louis Symphony will give the world premiere performance in September, with subsequent performances by the LA Philharmonic and New Jersey Symphony. You can follow the step by step progress of the development of Steve Mackey's new piano concert on this page.
St. Louis Public Radio


September 28, 2011 Tonight was exhilarating! Orli told St. Louis Public Radio’s Robert Peterson. They spoke during the intermission of Saturday night’s concert, right after Orli had performed Stumble to Grace with David Robertson and the St. Louis Symphony.  That conversation was part of St. Louis Public Radio’s live broadcast of the St. Louis Symphony concert. You can listen to this interview, […]

Listen live tonight!

September 24, 2011 Last night’s world premiere performance of Steve Mackey’s Stumble to Grace by Orli Shaham and the St. Louis Symphony conducted by David Robertson was fantastic by all accounts.  Right after the concert, Steve Mackey (@mackeysteven) tweeted:  I’m thrilled with Stumble to Grace premiere! Robertson and SLSO were brilliant. Sweet, elegant Shaham turns out to be a […]
A Concerto is Born!

Tonight is the Night!

September 23, 2011 “The orchestra sounds great!” said Orli, about today’s dress rehearsal with the St. Louis Symphony.  “It’s amazing, mind-boggling really, how quickly David [Robertson] and the orchestra mastered this new concerto.” Now it’s just a couple of hours before the very first performance of Steve Mackey’s Stumble to Grace, and Orli is beyond excited. “I tried to take […]

St. Louis Post-Dispatch feature: Pianist Orli Shaham Gets a New Concerto

September 21, 2011 “I can’t even describe how exciting this is,” Shaham says. “This concerto was written for me! How lucky am I?”  We, the followers of A Concerto Is Born, already get how thrilled Orli Shaham is about the concerto that Steve Mackey is writing for her.  And now, just a few days in advance of Friday’s premiere, much […]

The Composer as Rock Star

September 18, 2011 While Steve was meeting with Orli and David at their apartment last week, the couple’s four-year old twin boys arrived home from nursery school. The adults took a break from their business, and introduced the kids to Steve.  When the boys found out that this was the person who wrote “Sneaky March” – one of […]

A new ending, just days before the premiere

September 15, 2011 Earlier this week, Orli Shaham, Steve Mackey and David Robertson had a meeting.  It’s common, if not customary, for the composer, conductor and soloist to have a huddle before the premiere of a concerto.  At that meeting, the three talked about the details of the composition, especially the ending.  “There are great musical ideas there,” […]

Just two weeks til the premiere! Yikes!

September 9, 2011 It’s the beginning of September.  For many – including Orli Shaham’s family – it’s time to go back to school and back to work. For Orli herself, with just two weeks to go til the premiere of Steve Mackey’s piano concerto, Stumbling to Grace, with the St. Louis Symphony, it’s time for some intense “nose-to-the-keyboard” […]

Pianist Orli Shaham and composer Steve Mackey on what makes it FUN

August 31, 2011   Orli:  What makes it fun to play is a really layered question, because there’s so much.  I think one aspect is, it’s fun to listen to. And it’s always fun to play something that’s fun to listen to.  Another is that it’s so intelligently worked out, and it feels good in the hands.  And […]

Sneaky March

August 22, 2011 In the midst of this composition process, Orli approached Steve to request that he write another composition – a short one for pianist and audience of children. “I thought it would be great to have a piece like that for my classical kids series, Baby Got Bach,” says Orli.  The criteria for the composition, Orli […]

Steve’s Inspirations (Part II)

August 16, 2011  Steve says: More and more as I get older as a composer, it’s more important for me to have a personal connection with my compositions.  We’ve got a toddler and a baby at home, and Orli and David have two toddlers.   Our first baby was premature and was in the hospital’s intensive care unit for […]