In 2005, I began an on-going collaboration with Classical Public Radio Network as the host of Dial-A-Musician, a feature I created for CPRN's morning drive-time programming. This segment was conceived both to further music education and to broaden the listeners' connection to classical music and musicians.

During each feature, I direct a listener question to an expert, drawing on personal and professional relationships — literally 'dialing' my guest up for his or her insights. Following the feature, the network graciously assists me in programming relevant music. My hope is that listeners' experience of the music is always enhanced by the preceding interview.

I've been lucky to have as my guests friends and colleagues such as pianists Emanuel Ax and Yefim Bronfman, musicologist Elaine Sisman, composer John Adams, Emerson Quartet violinist Philip Setzer and cellist David Finckel, superstar soprano Natalie Dessay and, of course, my husband, St. Louis Symphony Music Director David Robertson, and brother, violinist Gil Shaham, among over forty others. Dial-A-Musician runs on numerous local stations and podcasts of new Dial-A-Musician segments are available monthly via many of those stations' websites.

It seemed to me a good idea to add some personal comments on each guest's page. That is, until I realized how much time was involved! Pianists have a lot of notes to learn, so I've only managed a few comments so far. I promise to add more as I get them written.

GuestProgram TopicSubjectNotes
Yefim BronfmanWhy Do Different Players Not Sound Alike on the Same Piano? -- 
Wu HanWhy Don't We Get All of Our Recordings from Major Labels? -- 
Steven DibnerIs the bassoon Really the "Clown of the Orchestra"? -- 
Sheryl StaplesThe Role of The Concertmaster -- 
Ron ConersFollowup on Pianos and Humidity -- 
Richard WoodhamsWhy Does the Oboe Give the Tuning Note? -- 
Phillip SetzerWho Leads a String Quartet -- 
Paul KantorDo string sections bow together for looks or sound?  
Paul JacobsDid someone really play all of Bach's organ music in an 18 hour concert?  
Orli ShahamHow Do You Memorize? -- 
Natalie DessayHow Do Singers Recover From Voice Problems? -- 
Nancy AllenWhy Does the Harp Have So Many Pedals? --Notes about guest
Michael StraussAll About the Viola -- 
Michael SachsHow do brass players make so many sounds with their lips?  
Liang WangHow do wind players play for so long without taking a breath?  
Lawrence KirkegaardWhy do I sound so good singing in the shower?  
Judy LeClairWhy are bassoon players obsessed with reeds?  
Jonathan HaasWhat is That Timpani Player Doing with His Hands on the Drum? -- 
Jonathan FeldmanIs "Accompanist" An Insult? -- 
John KennyHow Do Travel Restrictions Impact Musicians? -- 
John KennyHow do trombone players know where to put their arms to get the right note?  
John AdamsComposing and Instrument Knowledge --Notes about guest
Joaquin ValdepenasDifferent Clarinets? -- 
JoAnne FallettaWhere Do the Musicians in My Local Orchestra Come From? -- 
Joan BalterWhat are the different parts of the violin?  
Jeremy GeffenWho Programs Symphony Concerts? -- 
Jeffrey KahaneDoes a Conductor Usually Play an Instrument, Too? -- 
Ingo HoffmanPiano Tuner Secrets -- 
Gil ShahamBroken Strings in Performance -- 
Geraldine WaltherWhat is Life Like When You Play in an Orchestra or a String Quartet? -- 
Gene PokornyCounting Long Brass Rests -- 
Erik HarrisDon't All Double Bases Look Alike? -- 
Eric OwensHow do opera singers learn a new role?  
Eric KimWhat is the role of the principal player in a section of the orchestra?  
Emanuel AxThe Process Behind Commissions -- 
Elaine SismanWhat Does a Musicologist Do? --Notes about guest
Earl BlackburnHow Much Do Professional Musicians Earn? -- 
Dick WallerHow Do You Get Kids Interested in Classical Music? -- 
David RutherfordPronunciation questions  
David RobertsonApplause Between Movements -- 
David RobertsonHow Are Orchestras Reinventing Themselves? -- 
David HalenTell Us About the Culture of an Orchestra -- 
David FinckelWhat is it Like to Travel as a Musician? -- 
David AmadoWhat's in that big book that the conductor has?  
Colin CurrieHow Does a Percussionist Learn So Many Instruments? -- 
Christine BrewerSingers and Stage Presence --Notes about guest
Bruce AdolpheWhat Is a Key? Why Does a Composer Pick a Specific Key? --Notes about guest
Bruce AdolpheHow do you hear the difference between major and minor?  
Brinton SmithVery Expensive String Instruments -- 
Bill CaballeroQuirks of the French Horn -- 
Barry JekowskyHow does someone become a conductor?  
Anton NelWhat Do the Pedals on the Piano Do? -- 
Alex KerrAmerican vs. European Orchestra Sound -- 
Alan ReinhardtHow do countertenors sing the way that they do?  
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