January 13, 2023

On January 27, 2023 Orli Shaham makes her Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra debut performing John Adams’ piano concerto “Why Must the Devil Have All the Good Tunes?” with David Robertson conducting. In this Insider Interview with Classical Music Communications, Shaham talks about the “gnarly,” aspects of the work, Martin Luther, working with the FRSO for the first time and more.

November 28, 2022

Orli Shaham's latest addition to her complete Mozart Piano Sonatas project (rel. Aug 2022) has received accolades from around the globe. From Gramophone to World Music Report and beyond, here's what critics are saying ....

November 23, 2022

The stylish intelligence and pianistic refinement distinguishing the first volume in Orli Shaham’s Mozart piano sonata cycle (released in 2020) continues into Vols 2 and 3. 


November 15, 2022

Pianist Orli Shaham and Schumann's great-great-granddaughter Elizabeth Brumfeld in conversation at Pacific Symphony's Cafe Ludwig. 

November 15, 2022

In October 2022, Orli Shaham gave the world premiere performance of David Robertson's piano concerto "Light Forming" with the Orlando Philharmonic led by Eric Jacobsen. Learn more about the piece in the composer's program notes here! 

March 22, 2022
July 7, 2021

The pianist Orli Shaham reflects on her first live Café Ludwig program at Pacific Symphony since the pandemic began, taking us through the program piece by piece.

March 31, 2021
January 15, 2021

Shaham finds key to Mozart we can sing along to.


December 16, 2020
October 26, 2020

Her playing is defined by expressive and varied phrasing, always convinced of where it's leading. She even makes Mozart's overuse of the Alberti bassline sound fresh and nuanced rather than a drudgery. And best of all is how she avoids the common pitfall of painting Mozart's portrait as a dainty child prodigy, and instead brings out his free and youthful spirit, an essential feature of his melodic lines.

July 21, 2020


April 3, 2020

Each Wednesday, Ms. Shaham brings you an exclusive: a movement of a Mozart sonata from her forthcoming recording

December 17, 2019

Marvelous Mozart From Orli Shaham and David Robertson.

December 12, 2019
November 22, 2019

Pianist Orli Shaham's Bach Yard airs on WQXR-FM, Saturday mornings, Nov. 30-Dec. 21. Ms. Shaham hosts From the Top in a live radio taping in Portland, Maine. CD of Mozart concertos with St. Louis Symphony receives accolades worldwide

November 8, 2019

Orli Shaham’s interactive concert series for kids, Baby Got Bach has a new name - Orli Shaham's Bach Yard – and an expanded program. Bach Yard combines live ensemble performances with storytelling, costumed musicians, and a host of activities in which children can take part. The interactive concerts introduce musical concepts, instruments and the experience of concert-going to children age pre-Kindergarten to early elementary.

October 10, 2019

Coupling two such theatrical concertos as these, and ones that sport theme and variations in their finales, makes good sense. It also marks the first commercial recording in 16 years for the St Louis Symphony under David Robertson, then nearing the end of his 13-year stint as music director. Who better to accompany, then, than his wife, Orli Shaham playing on a New York Steinway.

October 7, 2019

Julia Figueras sat down in the WXXI studios to talk about the pieces, programming, and the power of music for the youngest listeners in Orli's Bach Yard.

September 24, 2019

"[An] outstanding disc of Mozart piano concertos from Canary Classics...Orli Shaham's affection is never in doubt in K453, making you fall in love all over again with this most radiant of concertos..."

September 23, 2019

"Orli Shaham revels in the theatrical richness and breathtaking invention of Mozart’s piano concertos..."

September 6, 2019

"...superbly recorded, well-judged balance between the piano and the ensemble ... Orli Shaham (sister of Gil) and David Robertson are at-one interpretatively (they are, as a secondary fact, married) and the SLS members are stylish and sympathetic confreres."

September 6, 2019

"Pianist Orli Shaham….delivers two ravishing, full-blooded Mozart concerti in a recording that I have come to love."

August 22, 2019

The ultimate test of performances for most listeners is not whether they are historically accurate but whether they are convincing – and these certainly are.

August 2, 2019

On Sunday, October 6 at 10 am, pianist Orli Shaham hosts Bach Yard - an interactive concert for children - in Rochester, NY. Click here for free tickets

April 29, 2019

"Shaham and Robertson, with help from a flawless orchestral performance, created the sense of a musical event — if not a masterpiece, at least a brave work by an emerging musical genius."

David Robertson, right, conducts the Dallas Symphony Orchestra with pianist Orli Shaham as they perform Bernstein's Symphony No. 2 The Age of Anxiety.
April 27, 2019

"...pianist Orli Shaham played with authority and élan. "

April 5, 2019

"Pianist Orli Shaham’s experiences, even from a very early age, have informed who she is as a pianist."

April 5, 2019

[Shaham] was terrific, and from memory, so inside the music, whether musing, scampering or jazzing, the latter being ‘The Masque’.


Orli Shaham and David Robertson
March 1, 2019

On Sunday, Feb. 24, pianist and host of Pacific Symphony’s Café Ludwig, Orli Shaham performs the world premiere of David Robertson’s “A Goldberg Conjecture.” This new version of Bach’s Goldberg Variations re-imagines this famous solo harpsichord work for piano and string quartet.


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