April 1, 2014
Gramophone Review: 'American Grace'

By Laurence Vittes


April 2014

The following is an excerpt.  Please visit gramophone.co.uk for the full article.

...Played continuously without pause, the 26-minute Stumble begins with a celesta lullaby and ends in the throes of an exhilarating triple fugue which includes in its midst what Mackey describes as 'thevarious stages of progress and regress in the physical and spiritual evolution of the piano.' And yet, for all the size and complexity of Mackey's impressive musical engine, the lasting impress is of authentic affection and love.

Shaham has innocent fun with Mackey's Sneaky March, brings an etheral beauty to John Adams's China Gates, and, with Jon Kimura Parker, intrepidly investigates the intersections of angularity and romanticism in Adams's Hallelujah Junction...

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