Mozart Piano Concertos with SLSO and David Robertson
Label: Canary Classics
Released: August 23, 2019
Catalog Num: CC18

Between the month of his twenty-first birthday and the time of his death fourteen years later, Mozart effectively invented the piano concerto and turned it into one of the most thrilling of all musical genres. Orli Shaham trains the spotlight on the drama and expressive power of two of the composer’s finest works for keyboard and orchestra in her latest recording for Canary Classics. The album, set for international release on August 23, 2019, presents the compelling pairing of Mozart’s Piano Concertos Nos. 17 in G major K.453 and 24 in C minor K.491. Her vision of both scores is brought to life in company with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra and David Robertson, ideal partners in a project that penetrates deep beneath the surface of Mozart’s music to reveal a complex web of quicksilver emotions and fluctuating moods.

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Updated: Apr-30-2021
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