Piano Today
Piano Today • Summer 2005

What a remarkable composer was Dvorák! — a modest, honest craftsman with an understanding of humor, vitality, artistry and the deepest human emotions. The more of his music I discover, the more I believe he never wrote a bad note...

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Symphony Magazine
Symphony Magazine • Nov/Dec 2005

Have you ever felt at a loss as to how to convince a guest artist to do something extra for your orchestra? Frustrated by the inability to schedule one little special event with that prima donna?

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Playbill • October 2006

In this conversation, moderated by Orli Shaham (Mr. Robertson's wife and Mr. Shaham's sister), the two artists discuss their unique bond and the music that they will perform with the Philharmonic...

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St. Louis Woman
St. Louis Woman • February 2007

Concert pianist Orli Shaham has traveled the world, seen the inside of countless concert halls and hotel rooms and performed musical scores of many great past and present composers...

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