Singers and Stage Presence

Guest Christine Brewer   [Website]
Episode #21
Original Air Date September 6, 2006
I have been lucky enough to get to hear Christine Brewer sing in person numerous times, and even to be at the keyboard playing with her. She is a true Artist, with a capital 'A' and no 'e' at the end. She is honest and down-to-earth while having impeccable taste and technique, and of course a stunning voice. She also has an amazingly alive sense of humor. Christine's recordings of Strauss songs with Roger Vignoles is one I listen to over and over again. She has an ease of phrasing, along with a deeply felt understanding of meaning, which together convey so much. I was honored to get to play some of these for the first time with her in St Louis. It was an added bonus that my page turner that evening was Manny Ax, who has known me for about twenty years but who was hearing me play for the first time that night! Christine is such a natural singer - the notes just seem to flow right out of her body. When I heard the listener question about how singers manage to look comfortable on stage, I knew her response would be revealing. I have never seen anyone quite so at ease with her body as Christine is when she sings. As it happens, Christine is also one of the nicest people in the world, so coordinating schedules with her was almost as much fun as the interview itself.
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