June 29, 2015
Orli Shaham's "Brahms Inspired" appears on NY Times' Classical Playlist

The New York Times

James Oestrich

June 24, 2015

Orli Shaham's "Brahms Inspired" was chosen for The New York Times' Classical Playlist on June 24, 2015. See The New York Times website to find the Classical Playlist Spotify playlist.

The word “inspired” cuts in several directions here, as both adjective and verb. Orli Shaham, herself inspired by Brahms’s sublime late piano pieces – intermezzos and the like — gives beautiful performances of the last three sets, as well as works by composers who inspired Brahms: Bach, Schubert, Schumann and Chopin. She also plays works that Brahms, in varying degrees, inspired: Schoenberg’s Six Little Piano Pieces (Op. 19), Bruce Adolphe’s “My Inner Brahms (an Intermezzo),” Avner Dorman’s “After Brahms: Three Intermezzos” and Brett Dean’s “Hommage à Brahms.” Ms. Shaham commissioned the Adolphe and Dorman works, and she plays them – everything here, in fact — with a knowing, feeling, proprietary air. A treasurable album, which alternately soothes and tickles the ears. (James R. Oestreich)

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